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Check Out Our Beta Artist Campaigns:

  • Thief Club
  • Ohio
  • Rock / Indie
  • Nick Thompson is heading into the studio to record a brand new Thief Club EP. Join in here to support this awesomeness.

  • Rudy Vaughn
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Pop / Electronic / Rock
  • Rudy Vaughn, Atlanta. Singer, Frontman and Saxophonist, currently on tour. Rudy has performed internationally receiving attention for his unique combination of soaring pop vocals and saxophone chops. A natural frontman, Rudy's heart for his audience is evident in the way he ...

  • Lauren St. Jane
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Country / Americana / Rock
  • I wanna be honest, with you. This little secret is finally out and I'm over the moon to tell you, that YOU and I will make music history! I'm embarking on a ground breaking historical adventure and I think you should join me. I'm sharing 50% of the royalties made from my newest ...

  • Reuben's Bell
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Rock / Soul / Indie
  • We want to join forces with our fans to produce our debut record . This fall, we will be recording our full length album at the legendary Southern Tracks Studio in Atlanta. We are offering you the opportunity to share 50% of the royalties of our upcoming release.

  • von Grey
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Pop / Electronic / Rock
  • We are thrilled to be partnering with Loudfund for our next sonic project and to invite you all to participate in the realization of our creative exploration and journey! Check it out below.

  • Fransisco Vidal
  • Lawrenceville, GA
  • Rock / Country / Pop
  • Fran's all time favs come together on DEEP CUTS, the album, after a 10 year love affair with this music. Producer Robby Wilson will be rendering the emotions of these songs. And Fran will be joined by some of the top all time musicians: John Morrison, Rob Henson, Q Perkins, ...

  • Francisco Vidal
  • Atlanta
  • Americana / Rock / Pop
  • Fans help Francisco by sponsoring and supporting his musical journey

  • Laughlin
  • Athens, GA
  • Country / Pop / Rock
  • We are excited to offer this opportunity to our fans! We hope you will partner with us in producing our debut album. We are offering some unique, exclusive rewards to those who participate in our campaign, and sharing royalties with those who are able to invest. We will be ...

  • The Well Reds
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Pop / Rock
  • You helped us create VOLUME, now help us Break it! We're inviting you to share in the funding of the release of our first Full Length album... and to share in the revenue. We've recorded an exciting album and we're seeking funding to promote it in the US and other markets around ...

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