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Hey Y'all We Need To Talk

I wanna be honest, with you. This little secret is finally out and I'm over the moon to tell you, that YOU and I will make music history! I'm embarking on a ground breaking historical adventure and I think you should join me. I'm sharing 50% of the royalties made from my newest release with YOU! Fund this campaign, be my record label.

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February 16, 2015

2015 Already Amazing...

This year has begun to be awesome and… it’s only February! What?!? 

The 30A Songwriters Festival was fantastic, saw some of you awesome Loudfund people and I sold out of my merch our last night to a packed room. Gawl Lee! It was so wonderful and a great experience to be among and learn from some great writers! 

A special surprise! ANNOUNCING my new EP will be releasing Monday March 2nd! You have been a HUGE part of this, so check you’re email box today for the exclusive EP digital download… you’re getting it before anyone else!

 Also in celebration of the new EP I’ll be playing a short, small acoustic jam in my hometown at The Roswell Tap, GA 8:30PM for their Songwriters night. If you’re around, I’d love to see ya come on out. 

Next up…. SXSW in Austin Texas! I can’t wait to be back at this music Festival in one of my all time favorite cities. If you’re near Austin, come on out to my show! Playing the Chuggin’ Monkey March 19th, 8pm. Come hug my neck and lets have a great time! 

I will be releasing two EP’s instead of a full album for 2015. March 2nd, Hurricane releases then another EP late Summer/early Fall my 2nd EP. This way, you as a Loudfund backer will benefit twice from each release! Other great news, I have a new publicist! She's pretty awesome and will be joining me in SXSW and working on spreading the great news of the EP!  

 Thanks again for being my partner in this new EP release, join me in telling others! You can follow me on all social media sites: @laurenstjane, FB: /laurenstjanemusic

Thanks again for being my partner in this new EP release, join me in telling others! You can follow me on all social media sites: @laurenstjane, FB: /laurenstjanemusic


Hope to see y’all soon!



December 11, 2014

Thankful!!!!!! I know I’ve been quiet but not on purpose...

Thanksgiving is over and I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I felt this year with gratitude.  I was fortunate to head to a farm this year for Thanksgiving! Yes, a no cell phone or Internet 300acre cattle ranch and it was all that I dreamed it could be and more. We ate smoked brisket, fixings, pie and I got to be surrounded with the beauty of the land and great people. I got time to reflect, rest and refine my focus on this new album/project that you have helped fund!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and a perfect start into this Holiday Season. I am so very thankful for you and our new partnership for my new album. Together we truly made history and I am so honored and thankful for you’re belief in my work, talent and this endeavor on my next album. History has been written, we are in the pages- you and I as one of the first fully funded artists a Crowd Investment!  Never before has an artist been able to share their revenue with the very fans who fund their art. So lets pat ourselves on the back, shall we? A toast to you and I! Because this next year of 2015 is gonna fly by and boy is this gonna be loads of fun!

NEXT UP: I’m playing MLK Weekend Jan 16-18 at the 30A Songwriters Festival with some of the greats; Graham Nash (of Crosby Steel & Nash), Deena Carter, Jason Isbell, Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) and Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket). Find out more here: I’d love to see ya and I guarantee you’ll have a great time… I mean, whats better than being on the beach with some incredible LIVE music?

More updates to come y’all

November 23, 2014

2 Days & 30A Songwriters Festival Announcement

85% and a very short way to GO!

Thank you so much for helping me get SO close and it ain't over YET! Please help me spread the word to help reach this last bit of only $1,500 LEFT TO MEET! I can't wait to get a new album in your hands, ears and royalties in your pockets!

And what's this about 30A Songwriters FestivalYES! I'll be playing MLK weekend 2015 among some incredible artists such as, Jason Isbell, Leon Russell, Graham Nash, Deena Carter... and so many more! Go ahead and make plans to come to the beach and enjoy some great music! More info. will be coming soon about this great weekend of shows, sharing my music and the stories behind them.

Thank you kindly for your love & support! 
Lauren St.Jane

I'm SO thankful for you!


November 06, 2014


Lauren St.Jane, Home Show!       

Saturday I'm going to be playing an ALL AGES show at Steve's Live Music!   If you've been wanting to come to a show and bring the kids, this is it! I'll be showcasing the new songs that will be on the EP as well as a few favorites. This will be more of an intimate performance with Jameson Elder opening the night! $5 door charge with proceeds going to benefit Songs for Kids and to help me to reach my goal for my next album with LoudFund! And why not... since I'm in the generous mood by coming to the show you'll get a FREE download of my newest single, Running Around! (I'm obviously excited Holiday season is upon us!).

Thank ya'll kindly,



October 24, 2014

Launch Night

      “Absorbing more & more the strength in belief &       faith and the power given through it to obtain the  unattainable.”


I posted this 6 months ago on social media and this is weirding me out at just how poignant and powerful it STILL is.  Sort ‘erie isn’t this? Almost like the Lord is weaving a theme in my life, perhaps so. I am in a loss for words. The past several weeks filled with emotions, challenging, late nights, working until I fall asleep on my computer (yes this did happen) and the latest excitement of my Loudfund campaign.

Wednesday night was the Loudfund showcase launch and I was beyond moved.  So much talent in a room! Each artist played a couple of songs and I got to go first….ek!  Nervous tensions and I was the icebreaker and what a rush it was!  The night brought my heart to a new height. You see…A few months ago I found myself on music row in a large office, at a large meeting table with a few “high ups”.  I was encouraged and discouraged. I was told my songs were bleeping great and I was told, “I needed a substantial amount of money” to get anywhere. My thought immediately was "all musicians have to start somewhere, right?" How do these businessmen expect musicians to get anywhere?  NEWS FLASH: Musicians aren’t made of money and here we are breaking our backs.  Maybe I’m from some old school thinking but I don’t have a rich daddy paying for my album like manyof these “taylor swift wanna be’s” swimming in Nashville. 

So what it does this take?  A lot of tenacity, not giving up and people who TRULY believe in me. The Loudfund launch was just that, the place mingling with music lovers, musicians and the finance team that has helped to create this amazing monster of a company, Loudfund.

I’m over 62% with only $3,800 to go on this campaign and silly enough, brought to tears today… “what?”, “these fans BELIEVE in me enough to make this happen?”. What encouragement, what POWER in the FAITH of what I’m reaching towards it’s moving really. This reality is just so powerful.

To me? It’s about the belief that you have in me, your support. Your friendship, wisdom, encouragement and belief to keep at this…well that alone is what helps me keep doing what I do, you help to provide the fuel to the fire every time I sing and write. You behind me or next to me… I need you! You provide the stories for these songs and I couldn’t do this alone, no way. I need people, we all do… and I need you. I sure hope we met at the Loudfund party and if you gave to my campaign then I’m incredibly thankful. I hope this means you see something powerful in me.

I’m really thankful for the time you spent listening to my music, the time you’ve invested in me. I don’t  necessairly “need a substantial amount of money” by Nashville's music rows terms per say but for longevity what I NEED are the hearts like yours to keep the encouragement coming and by partnering with my campaign… that is exactly what you’re doing, creating sustainability in music and making history together.

Thanks so much for your belief in me,


October 21, 2014


Been doing a lot of soul searching.... Texas, can you hear me? Is it true? Do you still play Country Music? Like... For REAL?

Last week someone asked me a question that kept me up, "WHY do you do what you do?", "WHY music?", "WHY Country Music?"


You and I… we live crazy lives, adventurous, thrilling and often times we hit bumps in the road… whether through heartbreak, discouragement or hopelessness. Our lives are encompassed with the antagonist and the protagonist.  It’s my job to tell theses stories, to give you hope, sing along to forget the pain, or roll down the windows and make a great day even better.  I believe I’m using talent God’s given me to tell my story and perhaps yours. We all have a story, I’d love to hear yours:


If you only could HEAR me talk about this, I get all fired up. My heartbeat and WHY I play the kind of music I do?

To tell a STORY and to bring integrity BACK to Country Music. One of my all time favorite writers and singers, Ronnie Dunn puts it perfectly... 

"In Nashville They’re taking off their cowboy hats, 
Playin’ round with hip hop puttin’ on cock-eyed caps
. It crawls up under my tired blue collar
 when it’s done for nothin’ but the almighty dollar. 
I need a cold beer play me a fiddling song.”

“They still play country music in Texas. I turn on the radio they’re mixin’ heavy metal with twang, People on TV doin’ anything for fame, I’m not one to cling to the past, But some of this new stud burns my a$$, Thank God and Willie some things stay the same, They still play Country Music in Texas”

So I don’t want to movie to Texas per say, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Texas. I wanna help bring back what Country Music was, and what it should be. By parterning with me and Loudfund you’re helping to BRING BACK Country Music!





October 20, 2014

My New Single Releases TODAY Exclusively on iTunes!


Its just past midnight, whew. I know I probably should be in bed by now but I've got work to do, promoting my new single and well...honestly, I'm too excited to sleep. Did you read that? YES! My newest single is FINALLY out! 


You can download it exclusively on iTunes! And by downloading you're helping me become a 'featured' artist on iTunes. This new song I co-wrote with a few; worthy of mentioning Angie Aparo whom was such a pleasure getting to write with... for real, this guy got to the meat of this song and got the best out of me! Also, my first release as a duet it features the amazing vocals of Jeremy Ezell of The Well Reds check out this band!

Man, this feels good. SO much work has gone into this song and into my upcoming EP, I'm so glad to give you a taste of what you'll be hearing more of. I hope you like... and if you do?... Check out my new adventure, where together we can change the music industry, make history and partner together on my next album right here on Loudfund!




October 02, 2014

Spilling the Beans a little more...

What Am I Doing on A Therpist's Couch?

Now wait a minute, we all need someone to talk to every once in a while don't we? Well it's about time I be honest and open with you... after all you've been so supportive of my music, my passion, coming to shows and buying my music. The video above, it pretty much sums up the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so I that I may allow to explain myself. 
Thank you kindly. 
Going into more detail, over the course of my music career I've experienced some amazing highs and unfortunately the lows that accompany a music career in such a tough and ever changing industry.
I'm gearing up for something completely new, officially launching a campaign with an amazing group of business fellas' Loudfundand going to record my first ever album! 
Partnering with Loudfund is essentially shaking up the record industry so that for the first time ever record deals are made directly between the artists and fans. If you give $100 or more you will receive royalty sharing which this has never taken place, making music industry history! 
Loudfund is allowing artists to partner with our fans and share our music directly with the people (YOU)... who really matter the most. You alone help make music careers possible for musicians. 
The GOAL? To raise $15,000. As you saw in the video, Kickstarter didn't work quite as planned and this amount will go towards recording new songs with a grammy award producer, covering studio costs, paying the musicians, mixing/mastering and a marketing team to help create noise for the album release.
The Exciting Part? 50% of the royalties from my new album will be shared withYOU, an investor. So you and I really become partners in this! We together are reinventing the business side of music and I can't wait to share this experience withYOU.

I'm releasing a new single in a matter of stay tuned.

And for all my Kickstarter givers? You have warmed my heart this past year, giving me the fuel to continue to sing, create and perform, so THANK YOU. I'm so grateful, your belief in me has been overwhelmingly powerful. Check you're mail in the next few weeks, you're getting what was promised to you...

Much Love,
Lauren St.Jane

September 17, 2014

This is It! (Insert Huey Lewis)

Ready to change the music industry? I want to enourage you to get comfortable on my website here, take a look around, take it for a spin!

Feel free to email me with any questions you have, I'm in this with ya, this ain't no "mama giving you lunch money" this is helping artists and investors maintain sustainability, longevity and create something lasting. You can directly email me here:

Finally a group of business fellas that get musicians...our struggle! A group of businessmen who understand fans and letting you have a voice.... and combining the two - we've got sweet music to your ears!

Stay tuned and I'll be posting more blogs throughout the 60 day campaign.

Thank y'all kindly & much love,


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