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Rudy Vaughn, Atlanta. Singer, Frontman and Saxophonist, currently on tour. Rudy has performed internationally receiving attention for his unique combination of soaring pop vocals and saxophone chops. A natural frontman, Rudy's heart for his audience is evident in the way he connects with his fans. We are proud to welcome Rudy Vaughn as our first LoudFund artist!

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October 23, 2014

An Unexpected Night (A Love Fest)

Last night, LoudFund hosted an event in Buford, Georgia.   The event was a gathering of LoudFund’s friends and family, plus many of the talented business minds that helped create and finance the company.   Most of the artists that have been signed to LoudFund were there, and they each performed 2 songs to an audience of eager listeners, who stayed for 4 hours until the very end, hearing the talents of every artist.

 I was one of the artists nestled in the dead center of that block of time, and besides having a great time playing (I believe I ended up playing a sax solo while sitting on somebody’s lap), I had a simple observation about that night that I thought worthy of a quick blog:

The artists that are currently signed to LoudFund, as well as all of the people in attendance last night TRULY CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER.

This might not seem like a revolutionary idea to you, but that just means that you’re not used to the music scene.   It’s not a place where vulnerability is shared between talent, and it’s not the place where artists want OTHER artists to win.

It was a LOVE FEST.   I had conversations with many artists throughout the night that made me believe that something pure in music can still exist.  

LAST NIGHT HELPED ME BELIEVE AGAIN that something beautiful is still redeemable within the business of making music.   It was encouraging.   It was unexpected.

Who can we give credit to for making this happen?   I credit the leadership at LoudFund.   They are setting the tone.   They are creating an environment of synergy between artists and fans, and they are putting the artists in a place of honor, which we somehow lost along the way.

I am truly excited about these people.


An artist too,


October 23, 2014

Why Do We Make Music?

Why do we make music?

Have you ever really thought about it?     Why do we make music?

Have you ever wondered why we make things and why do we insist on creating?

While I was driving through my neighborhood in Atlanta today, I noticed that the huge wall that lines the street behind my loft complex has become an artist’s paradise.  

The wall stretches about a quarter of a mile between the Stacks Lofts and Krog Bridge, and lifting approximately 15 feet high.  It is almost completely covered in art.  It’s intense, and it has art of all styles and feeling, and when I stopped for just a moment to look at it….it was really inspiring. 

I thought about the passion, (and the amount of paint) it must take to cover that much empty space.  I thought about the fact that people are dragging scaffolding out there just to cover a wall in design.

I don’t think real passion can be measured.   Perhaps real passion is something that just runs over the brim.    We can’t NOT do it.

I live in an “artsy” area of Atlanta called Cabbagetown, and it’s full of musicians and music.    So I ask again, why do we make it?   Why do we create music?  Is it for fame or fortune? 

At least I can say for me, it’s something more.   It’s something within me that builds up, and it spills over the brim.   It’s found in the belief that anything is possible.  It’s realizing that music contains the power of speaking joy, truth, and exciting a room of people.   Maybe it can make somebody’s day better.  Maybe I can change the world with it.

Music and sound can transform your mind and make you forget your problems, even if only for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.   Music reminds us that maybe (just maybe) there’s something better waiting around the corner.

I’m making music because I think it brings value to the world.   The wall is blank, just waiting for the painter.

So here over the next season, I’m making music, for the love of it.   I hope you each will join me on this journey.   It’s much- much better with you here.

-Rudy Vaughn

“How wonderful life is, while you're in the world”

Elton John –Your Song

September 23, 2014

To The Moon!

Here we go!  

Thank you for checking out my page.  I want to make history with you!  A new video will be up soon and I will be updating you on a bunch of good stuff right here.  So, come back often and spread the word. 

I am sharing 50% of the royalties of my upcoming record with those of you that decide to become my record company. 

This new record will be distributed across the world to over 300 stores including ITunes, Sirius XM, Pandora, Spotify and much more... This is the real deal and I am inviting you to join me. 

Thank you for all of your love and support over the years that has lead me to this blessed place.  You motivate me to do my best.  I love that we can share this exciting time together. 



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