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We are thrilled to be partnering with Loudfund for our next sonic project and to invite you all to participate in the realization of our creative exploration and journey! Check it out below.

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November 11, 2014

The final frontier.

Hello friends and friends of friends!!

Holy shit! We only have 4 days remaining for the campaign!!! Time flies when you are spending every day in a music making space machine. We are 5/6 of the way to our goal... No words can express how thankful we are for the unbelievable support. Y'all are truly the bees knees. We are so humbled and honored that you find our art worthy of your time, resources, and ears. 

We have yet another insider piece of info! Two more song titles for you: Forever Bound and Phengophobia. The latter has a lyrical reference to vampires! I was finally able to reference my kin in a song. I guess dreams really do come true. :)


Again, we are eternally grateful for your generosity.  We can not wait to reveal the final product. Hope you are blossoming in the fall weather and are enjoying life to it's fullest! Sending lots of love. x




November 11, 2014

Last Photo of the Campaign


October 17, 2014

On The Road


October 17, 2014

Hello one, Hello all!

Russell Drayer

We are chillin in the studio today - working on our new EP. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has already donated - we can't believe we are already halfway to our goal! So thankful for your generosity. We can not wait for you to hear the new tunes, both live and recorded. They sound pretttty badass, in our humble opinion(s). Making music is an emotionally rewarding journey, and being able to share in it with y'all is icing on the cake. 


A SECRET INSIDER UPDATE: We have made two solid song choices. While we can't actually fill your ears with them yet, we can give you the (working) titles. 

Here they are : Cyclical Dreams and Reborn.

Wow! Exciting stuff! Such great names! (I came up with them)

Make sure to look at the additional prizes you get when you donate: . We hope you help us on our journey to making intergalactic sounds and playing on the moon. Thank you! :) Have a fantastic morning or evening or afternoon. 

September 16, 2014

Our campaign, our journey (plus prizes!!)

annika in the studio

We are so, so stoked about the beginning of this campaign/journey! Thank you for making it this far into the process and for your interest!

First things first... How are you? Are you having a good day? We hope you are not only having a good day but are having a fantastic day. And we hope hearing about the extra special "prizes" we are offering improves it even further. Check out this list of the various goodies that will come along as a VG thank you for your generosity, just in case knowing that you are funding the creation of some bitchin new tunes is not quite enough:

We will be posting on this blog regularly to keep you updated on our progress during the creation of this album. You are now a part of our team, so, naturally, we want to keep you in the loop! Again, THANK YOU for joining us on this journey -  we can not wait to show you the works we are creating!

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